The team consists currently of 12 employees, a combination of street lighting technicians and electricians. Between all the staff there are some good qualifications including NVQ,18th Editions,714 test and inspection to name but a few.

Our founder staff members started with Peter Sandbrook as our Electrical supervisor, Paul Tambin and Shaun Leggett as our street lighting electricians and Alex Foggoa as a close friend and street lighting operative.

It became apparent that with Peters extensive knowledge in electrical and street lighting works that he would be an ideal candidate for the electrical contract managers post.

Peter has played a key role in the growth of the business and is very respected and valued within AFIS. This year Peter will be going through his SMSTS and the HEA QS course to help with gathering evidence for the portfolios. AFIS has and will continue to invest in our staff regarding training and continuously working hand in hand with our clients in the ever changing site conditions around Health and Safety.